School history

Just like any other school, secondary school of Paluknys has its own history. Education in Paluknys region started in 1915; at that time, pupils were taught at home.
First school in Paluknys was built in 1927. It included three teacers: Jan Guznicek, Helena Kuzmova, Vanda Ptakuvna.
After the World War II, Lekevičius was appointed as the headmaster. He was the head of the school until 1954. Soon afterwards, Lidija Gorpinič took over (1954 – 1964). Pupils were taught in the old school building, which burned down in fire in 1968.
In 1963 a new wooden school was built, and in 1966 a concrete extension was added. Vincent Kamilevic became the headmaster of the school (1964-1977).  During the period of 1977-1994, the school was headed by Stanislav Kodis.
In 1990 two new extensions were built. Pupils gladly started a new school-year, as a huge new gym, new classrooms, concert hall and canteen were built.
In 1994 the school was divided into two: secondary school of Paluknys and secondary school of “Medeina”. Since 1994, the school was managed by headmaster Jan Zachazevski.
Since 2000, the school takes pride in applying IT. The school has an Internet connection. The majority of classrooms have computers. These technologies ease the educational processes both for pupils and the administrative staff.
A variety of public holidays are celebrated in the school, including Teachers’ Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Family Day and many other festivities.
During the period of 2007-2008, there were 130 pupils and 26 teachers, 21 of whom were senior teachers.
In 2007 the school won the annual 8th competition „Najlepsza szkoła – najlepszy nauczyciel”.

Since 2009 the school is managed by Agnieška Sakovic.

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